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And then there were eight…

Down to my last 8 interviews for the book (completed 6 this week). Difficult week coming up with work and other commitments so I’m not thinking I’m going to make great progress this coming week, but I’m guessing I will get a strong solid push the week of Feb 10. If things go right for me…or perhaps “write” might be a better way to state it, that should be my last week of writing the book.

I would say I have a month of editing, and tying up loose ends and then it’s 2 weeks of going through the steps to get it published. If all of this stays on track, I’m still good for going to print by the end of March.

Biggest news of the week: I have all of the chapters for Small Brand America III layed out. I need to complete 2 more interviews, but I know the companies and I have everything set in the book. Once you identify all brands in the book I can put in chapter numbers which makes it seem so official. Since chapters are sorted by category (like Fresh Juice, Hot Sauce or Distilled Spirits), I needed to know what companies were participating before I could actually number the chapters. It may seem like something hardly worthy of mentioning, but for me, it’s huge. It makes the book, look like a book! Before this step, everything is “Chapter ?.” This just really gives the feeling of the end is near. It’s awesome writing my books, but finishing one off is truly a sense of accomplishment and I am getting very close to completing two books at the same time. 

Still plenty of work ahead, but it’s looking like my hard work is paying off.


Looks for Small Brand America II and Small Brand America III, Special Hawaii Edition to come to Amazon and a retailer near you the last week of March! Check out steveakley.com for more details


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