Recently I completed The Legend of Bear Island. This fiction story represents my first offering in a new series of books I’m calling Steve Akley’s Commuter Series. This short stories are designed to be the perfect length for one or two rides in on the way to work. Best of all, they only cost 99 cents on Kindle, iBooks and other online electronic book retailers. That’s means your entertainment for your ride into work will cost less than you cup of coffee!

The Legend of Bear Island only took me 35 years to complete. Yes, it’s true. This is a short story I was assigned in grade school. As I wrote the 1 – 2 page assignment it seems I had barely gotten started and I was on the second page. As I struggled with how to handle this I ran through what I had with my Mom. As the last line of what I had written ended with the boys I had planned on having an adventure on the mysterious Bear Island, crash landing onto the island, my Mom told me, “That’s it. That’s your story.”

So for 35 years The Legend of Bear Island sat in my brain as the story of two boys traversing nasty seas in a kayak to crash land on an island loaded with mystery and intrigue. When I recently came up with the idea to try my hand at short stories I knew what story I had to write. I needed to complete that third grade assignment.

I’m as proud of these 40 pages as anything I have ever written. I hope you join the adventure, mystery and intrigue of Bear Island by picking up this story today!



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