Writing Vacation Overview

After publishing Small Brand America IV, I took some much needed vacation from writing. It’s been great. I’m not even exactly sure what I’ve been doing. I guess that’s the point. Just take some time off to recharge.

I’ve got a decent amount of projects planned through the end of the year. On their own, none represents “heavy lifting.” Collectively, it’s a nice little group of cool projects.

I am planning on completing a short story I started but put aside when SBAIV really started heating up after I officially decided to break it up into 26 eBooks in addition to the printed version (each chapter being it’s own stand alone book). It’s entitled Bigfoot vs. Paul Bunyan. Or maybe it’s Paul Bunyan vs. Bigfoot. Hey, I’m coming off vacation here. Anyway, it’s a short story that is fun and really interesting. I have the entire project outlined, and about a 1/4 of it written. It will be a real nice addition to my catalog… in particular my Commuter Series.

I’m also publishing a book on Jazz music. I’m a fan of jazz music and I want to put together a list of 100 great songs for individuals who enjoy music but don’t necessarily know songs and artists. I see this simply as an eBook designed to help individuals make an awesome playlist of instrumental songs.

I also hope to be able to get together the third book in my Leo the Coffee Drinking Cat series.

Finally, I plan on starting Small Brand America V. It won’t be done until sometime in early 2015, but I will start identifying companies and doing some interviews.

As you can see, vacation is definitely over.

Time to get to work!


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