Just completed my latest book: Coffeehouse Jazz (Create the Ultimate Playlist with These 101 Instrumental Classics).  It now needs to be edited and a cover designed but it should be out in late October.

This book takes you through the process of creating the greatest jazz playlist ever through the research I did on finding the perfect songs. Jazz just seems to be a genre where most people know the songs by melody but not necessarily the song titles and artists. It’s such a cool form of music though since it can be enjoyed equally as much as the focus of attention or just leaving it in the background while you talk with friends. I think I provide the respect and justice this overlooked segment of music desperately needs!

My next project is going to be to publish my second Leo book for Kindle. Somehow I never managed to get together an electronic version of that offering. I should have that one out there in the next week or so.

After that I’ll be working on my short story… Bigfoot vs. Paul Bunyan. I have to admit it makes me smile every time I type or say that. I’m probably a weekends worth of work to do on that short story. Looking forward to bringing this tale to the world.

Hopefully I will get the time I need next weekend!


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