Right now, I am all in when it comes to the special edition of my Small Brand America series featuring craft bourbon distillers. Currently, I have already interviewed individuals from 12 companies. These interviews will translate to 12 chapters in the book. I am in various stages of writing, editing, adding photos and working with the companies involved to make sure I am representing their company accurately in the book.

Here’s a look at the impressive lineup I have already assembled:

10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Co.

Colorado Gold Distillery

Don Quixote Distillery

Heritage Distilling

Journeyman Distillery

Mississippi River Distilling

New Holland Artisan Spirits


Peach Tree Distillers

Silverback Distillery

Syntax Spirits

 I have 8 more interviews lined up after the first of the year. Look for Small Brand America: Special Bourbon Edition to be available somewhere around March 1!

Woodstone Creek


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