A coworker was telling me about the encouragement she gives to her two-year-old to express himself verbally. Rather than just pointing at something he wants, or grabbing it, she’s continually telling him to “use your words.”

I don’t know exactly why, but I like it.

In unrelated, yet equally as exciting news, I “used my words” this week and completed the second book I have planned to release late next month. Bourbon Mixology is my cocktail book featuring recipes from the craft bourbon distillers featured in the other book I will be releasing next month: Small Brand America V: Special Bourbon Edition.

I cannot begin to express the personal enthusiasm and excitement I have about these two offerings. I simply couldn’t have any more interest in the topic than I do about bourbon. Over the last 10 years I’ve become a true bourbon fan ¬†seeking out new brands to try, visiting Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail numerous times and I trying to visit every distillery I can in my travels.

I think this love for the topic comes through for the reader in pages of the book. Can’t wait for you to check it ou!


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