Yesterday I published two books. Small Brand America V: Special Bourbon Edition which tells the stories of 20 Craft Distillers competing against the giants of the industry and Bourbon Mixology a bourbon cocktail book with recipes from the companies featured in SBA V.

Yesterday was also a big day for me for another reason: I began work on my first novel. It’s actually kinda terrifying. Writing a novel represents a dream come true for me. The ultimate bucket list item I could have as a writer. I’ve prepared fully for this moment to begin. I’ve outlined the entire story. I’ve spent hours researching key facts to pull into the story. I’ve conducted interviews with people who can help me understand the locals of the area where the story takes place. I’ve worked through the details in my mind countless times.

Now it’s just a matter of putting the words on a page, right?

It’s so much more than that!

I figure I’m only getting one shot to really do this right. I’m guessing if I put a novel out there that stinks I’m not getting anyone to give novel II a chance. The best analogy I can think of is a sporting one. It’s kind of like the Olympics. It’s the biggest stage an athlete can imagine and they likely are going to get one shot at going for the gold.

Every detail I write becomes the life of the characters in the book. It all has to come together into a story which is interesting and has highs and lows for the reader.

Am I going to meet my own high expectations?

Actually, I’ll probably never know until I get my book in your hands. Ultimately, it’s the audience, not the author who determines whether or not a novel is a winner. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Look for my “Olympic offering” later this year!


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