Writing is easy when you are focusing on your passion. I’m a bourbon fan, so my two latest books have to be my best works… EVER!

Small Brand America V: Special Bourbon Edition (also available in a Kindle edition) features 20 craft distillers bold enough to take on the biggest and most recognized names in the distilled spirits industry. These companies are just surviving, they are thriving.


Well, their commitment to quality and a great product means they are beating the big boys at their own game. I relish the ability to tell the stories of these companies, their product, and most importantly, the people behind the brands.

My second book, Bourbon Mixology, (also available in a Kindle edition) features bourbon cocktail recipes from the companies featured in Small Brand America V. What I love about this book is the fact cocktails often are designed to mask the flavor of the distilled spirits. Since these recipes were created by the bourbon distillers, they are designed to showcase the whiskey, not hide it. If you like bourbon, you have to check out this book to get some delicious and fun recipes!

Knowing your best work comes out when you write about what you love, unless my next book happens to be on Kate Upton, I’m thinking this is my Abbey Road!


3 thoughts on “ONE WORD: BOURBON

  1. Whisky Waffle

    Congrats on getting the books completed – they sound really interesting. Sadly here in Australia I’m going to struggle to get my hands on some of the boutique distillery made bourbon – in much the same way you will struggle to obtain Tasmanian whisky! I really like your point about the cocktails made to feature the flavour of the whiskey – maybe this is a way to get me to appreciate cocktails!
    Keep on waffling,

    1. Steve Akley Post author


      Thank you for the kind words. The owner of one of the companies featured in the book, Journeyman Distillery, was mentored by the owner of the New Zealand Whisky Co.

      Have you ever tried any of the N.Z. Whisky Co. offerings?


      1. Whisky Waffle

        Just the one, and though I wasn’t a massive fan, I was intrigued by the flavours. Shame they don’t make too much these days.
        Keep on waffling,

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