I’m really on fire with my novel I hope to release later this year. It’s a buddy story featuring two landscape architects working for the Parks and Recreation Department in Kaua’i. They end up going on the journey of a lifetime as they explore what else is out there in the world for them beyond their current lives.

I am about 70 pages in. Even though I’ve not written anything like this before, I am really pleased with how my story is coming together and am enjoying the process of writing a novel.

I can’t wait to get this one out there!

In totally unrelated news, I’m also just starting another project I’m going to be working on at the same time also centered around Kaua’i. Local businessman Greg Schredder reached out to me via email. He started the Kōloa Rum Company which I featured in my book Small Brand America III. He was disappointed he wasn’t featured in the chapter dedicated to Kōloa.

After explaining the format and how it wasn’t conducive to providing a complete history we continued to exchange emails about our lives and things we are working on. He was so interesting I inquired if he would be interested in a brief biography I could put together which included his work inn establishing the Kōloa Rum Company.

I am pleased to say he is on board. In fact, we have our first phone interview today. This should be a really interesting process and another new chapter in my writing career: the first biography I have ever written.

Two Kaua’i projects going on at once? Three Kaua’i books in total when you add in A Killer in Kilauea, the short story I published last year. You would have to presume I have some history with Kaua’i with this kind of activity centered around one place, right?

Actually, I’ve never been there. I need to get there, though. Soon.

Hey, it’s for “work.”


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