This past week has been the best week I have ever had, at least as far as “normal weeks” have gone. I have taken a week of vacation before where I have dedicated that time solely to writing but this week was different. I was in my normal routine.

I simply had the perfect storm. I was traveling for work without any evening events planned. Each night I was able to write, review, refine and write some more. On Saturday, my wife and daughter had an all-day event, leaving me home alone to repeat the write, review, refine and write some more plan I had been doing all week.

The results are fantastic. My first novel shot up from 70 pages to almost 160. I’m now passed the halfway point in the story and it’s going great. I couldn’t be anymore more pleased with the story I am crafting. This idea has been brewing in my mind for years. As you begin writing you just don’t know if you can put into words something you’ve replayed in your mind so many times but thus far writing my first novel has been an exciting adventure.

The second project I’m working on is a biography. I had a marathon 3+ hour interview with my subject last Sunday. Over the past week I’ve completed the layout of the book and written the first two chapters covering the early part of his life as well as the start of his career. This too, is completely different and really challenges me as a writer since I’ve never a biography before.

There’s still a few precious hours left to this weekend. More writing to be done!



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