I have two projects I’ve started referring to as twins since they both are centered in Kaua’i. They definitely aren’t identical, so they must be fraternal twins.

My novel has based in Kaua’i since I started sketching it out late last year. The other book, a biography of a Kaua’i businessman, came together when he reached out to me after reading another one of my books. He’s a fascinating guy so I pitched the idea of writing a biography after speaking to him.

The novel is done. I’ve still got some editing to do and there are a few rewrites I want to make to give it a little more of local feel.

I just completed over 8 hours of interviews with the businessman from Kaua’i. It’s going to be a brief bio, about 100ish pages. I’ve already got about 60 of those pages written.

Even though they have nothing related beyond the Kaua’i connection, I’m going to release them on the same day. If one ends up getting done before the other one, I’ll hold it back until both are ready.

You never separate twins!


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