The three projects I’ve been working on continue to slowly make progress and get closer to getting published every week.

Pa’u Hana, my novel, is being read and reviewed by five people. Once I get the comments back from them, I’ll be ready for some rewrites and one last edit.

The second edition of my Bourbon Mixology series is now done. I am waiting on my cover guy to finish the design so I can order some proof copies (I have three editors line up to help out).

The biography I wrote about Hawai’i businessman Greg Schredder, Architect of Passion, is done but I’ve been waiting for weeks to coordinate some time to go over it with him. He wants to discuss some corrections and potential changes. We are finally slated to talk next Saturday and Sunday. Once we do this I’ll be ready for rewrites, re-edits and to get this one out there.

I’m past the point of just wanting to get this out there. Patience, though. Publishing a book, or 3 books, is a process. You must stay the course!


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