Zombie Sign

Recently, I did the impossible. I managed to combine two personal and seemingly unrelated favorites together and it was the best thing since peanut butter met chocolate.

Yep, I managed to combine zombies and bourbon.

I’m on the team over at Evan Haskill’s thebourbonguyandrye.com blog. I put together a post where I, Evan and the Bourbon Virgin rated some of our friends bourbon hoards in terms of preparedness for the zombie apocalypse.

For some reason this piece just worked. I guess it was just the perfect storm of everything working. Obviously, the bourbon component is a no-brainer. People who are reading a bourbon blog expect that part of the equation. I would say zombies are probably as hot as they ever have been based on the number of TV shows dedicated to them so it’s a safe bet to loop them in.

There were a couple of keys that really made the piece work. First, our friends are awesome. They provided us the photos whether they had a great stash or not knowing we were going to be evaluating and judging them in a public forum. That’s pretty cool.

Second, the solid writing of Evan Haskill and Amanda Hoppes, combined with our banter back-and-forth made this comedy gold.

If you haven’t done so already, hop on over to thebourbonguyandrye.com and check it out!


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