The biggest thing I have going on in my writing career at the moment is my new podcast, “The Bourbon Show.”


“Time out!”



Okay, I realize you may initially be confused about a blog, entitled, “Write Steve Write!” updating you on a podcast. It’s a different form of media, right? You didn’t just click on the “Podcast Steve Podcast!” blog… this is supposed to be about writing.

Okay, just hang with me for a moment. I will get to the tie-in very soon.

So, back to the podcast, it was off to a brief rocky start. I’ve partnered with Seth Brown, a person I met through a friend and I know on Instagram to launch the ABV Network, a podcast channel featuring shows with alcohol themes. Our first equipment test failed miserably when I had problems with the electronics. Something was wrong with Skype for me and we couldn’t connect.

We tried again this past week and boom, it worked perfectly. We even recorded our test and Seth put the call together with theme music just to give it a feel for what our show will sound like.

Okay…the writing. Yes, there is writing. In fact, that’s one of the main attributes I bring to the partnership. Seth and I aren’t professionals. We can just flip on the mics, start talking and assume it’s going to be great content. We have to carefully plan, and put together a true show with segments and topics to discuss.

I have everything scripted including the questions for our guest (our format will have a guest from the bourbon industry on each show). We don’t read the script during the show. We want it to be conversational, but it provides us with the guidance we need to deliver a fun, informative and interesting show.

Our final step prior to our first show occurs tonight. We have a Skype meeting with Evan Haskill, who is joining us on The Bourbon Show as our announcer/news reader. Evan will also interact with us on segments throughout the show. Tonight, the three of us get together for the first time. We’ll do a systems check to make sure Seth can work through what he needs for a call with three people on it. We’ve also got a meeting (with an agenda I wrote… see, more writing) to cover all of the small details we need to get this first show out there (what date will it be available, what bourbon we will be drinking on show #1, finalize the script, etc.).

Assuming everything goes well, we tape our first show on Tuesday, August 23.

Like every adventure my writing has taken me on, this is a wild one. I can’t even believe it’s happening.

But it is.

More details soon because you aren’t going to want to miss this show.


Write Steve Write! is a weekly blog by author Steve Akley. Typically it is posted on (most) Sundays and features insight about his writing… though there is an occasional movie review or random thought post. It should be noted it’s posted as a live feed… no editing, no planning beforehand, it’s typed out on Sunday morning and the “publish” button is immediately hit. Apologies for any errors but you get this just as Steve thinks it!

Coming Sunday: More random thoughts on my writing career.

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