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I’ve already written several times in this blog about the podcast I’ve been working on. Well, on September 1, at 8:00 a.m. Eastern time, it officially launched.

My cohosts Seth Brown, Evan Haskill and I wondered what would happen next. We had listened to some competitors offerings out there and believed we had a superior product to what they were putting out there… but you just don’t know. Are you really objective enough to really provide an evaluation of someone else’s work versus yours?

Not long after the launch, an incredible thing happened next…

We started trending on iTunes… the largest provider in the world of podcast content. When you search the all important (for us) “bourbon” category…we cracked the top 20…then the top 10…then each hour it seemed like we were moving up a notch or two. By dinner, we were ranked #3.

We went to bed with the second most downloaded bourbon podcast. By day two…we hit #1. Our “wildest dream” goal and we made it in two days.

It’s now September 4 as I write this and we did fall back to #2. The biggest competitor on the market has been doing this nearly two years and has over 60 shows. We couldn’t hold that top spot with only one ourselves but it has proved to us we can be #1 and it’s a position we can maintain if we continue to produce a quality offering.

The best part has been the feedback. People love our show. They like the humor…the bourbon talk…the news and our guest Christine Riggleman of Silverback Distillery. Basically, we seemingly have the perfect combo of format and personality.

We look forward to doing this for a long time!



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