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A couple of popular hashtags I see many authors using are #amwriting or #Iamwriting. I too would like to be hashtagging the fact I am writing, but, unfortunately, that would be #lying.

I’m in the middle of two big newsletter projects and planning on four books to follow up my big hit in Bourbon Mixology this holiday season (still ranked #4 for bourbon in books as of today by the way). That means I am researching, or perhaps better stated #Iamresearching to keep with the theme of this post.

My four upcoming books involve getting bars to share their a signature cocktail, so it becomes a matter of not only finding the right bars for the books, but getting them to commit. Getting them to commit actually comes later. I’m still in scouring the internet looking for the perfect places to extend an invitation to.

My two newsletters (one is a reworking of my current newsletter about my writing and a second, still unannounced project) also are very research labor intensive right now. I’m looking for potential sponsors and content contributors. It’s an arduous process which I have no idea how successsful it will be.

I’m on vacation from work so that’s what I’ve been doing full-time the last week and this balance of this one.

All of this hard work should payoff with a great month of #amwriting coming in January!


Side Note:¬†This is my last post of 2015. I hope everyone has a fun, and safe, New Year’s. I’m kicking off 2016 with a two-part post detailing the ups-and-downs of 2015 with my writing. 2015 was an incredible year for me. In fact, when I look back 20 years from now, it will be the year in which I transitioned from this crazy pell-mell freestyle to very focused with a clear roadmap to success with my writing. There was one incident, though… one I haven’t even shared here which made me really question whether or not I would continue writing at all. It’s just been too painful to talk about. ¬†

You will have to wait for that one, though. Look for it, right here in Write Steve Write next year!