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I have been doing a bit of a retrospective over my three years of writing by listing the top 10 things that have happened to me since I have started writing.

Topics Covered So Far:

#1 of 10 – My O.P.U.S. Blog

#2 of 10 – Bourbon Zeppelin

#3 of 10 – Meeting a Hero of Mine

#4 of 10 – My Love Affair with Hawaii

#5 of 10 – The Time My Books Were Featured on TV

#6 of 10 – The Story I Took 35 Years to Complete


Bourbon Mixology

As I look back on what has happened to me over the previous three years, there probably isn’t a bigger moment than last fall when I published Bourbon Mixology. It’s been my best-selling book to-date.

This book is actually volume 2 in the series.

Yep, my best seller is actually a sequel. The concept from Bourbon Mixology is a spinoff from my Small Brand America series where I focused on small business competing on store shelves against much larger brands. I had done a special edition focusing solely on bourbon distilleries. I noticed many of them used cocktail recipes to promote their brands. I assembled the best of their offerings to write the original Bourbon Mixology book.

The idea for the sequel in that series was to get 50 iconic bars to share their signature bourbon cocktail. It would become a combination of an awesome bourbon cocktail book and a travel guide for these incredibly cool bars.

I published it and did what I do. I just started working on more books. Soon…it started selling…and selling…and selling some more. By the time the holiday season came around hourly sales updates were one of the most exciting things I had going on.

The cool thing is, this little gem continues to find an audience. People apparently really like the idea of these great bars sharing their best bourbon cocktail.

Even with the success of this book, things haven’t changed for me. I’m still writing and hoping to continue the success and expand the audience Bourbon Mixology has found for me!

Pick up your copy of Bourbon Mixology right here!

Bourbon Mixology II Cover


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