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I’ve got 30 chapters completed for my new Bourbon Mixology book. Each chapter represents a cocktail from an iconic bar.

Here’s a list of my completed chapters:

Bale of Hay Saloon Virginia City, MT
Big Star Chicago
Bub City Chicago
Buckhorn Exchange Denver
Buffalo Bodega Bar Deadwood, SD
Butter Run Saloon St. Clair Shores
Dickie Brennan’s Bourbon House Wesley
Down One Bourbon Bar Louisville
E. Smith Mercantile Seattle
El Gaucho Seattle
Esquire San Antonio
Forbidden Island Alemedia
Hard Water San Francisco
Herbie’s Vintage 72 St. Louis
Lovecraft Portland
Mike Shannon’s St. Louis
Old Ebbitt Grill Washington DC
Old Major Denver
Parson’s Chicken and Fish Charlie
Peacock Alley Bismarck, ND
Round Robin DC
Sable Chicago
Sanctuaria St. Louis
Seviche Louisville
Sloppy Joe’s Key West
St. Charles Exchange Louisville
The Miller House Owensboro
The Porthole Portland, Maine
The Roosevelt Richmond
Whiskey Bar Milwaukee

I have to say it’s been pretty awesome to have these treasured icons opening up and sharing some of their signature bourbon cocktails with me. I’ve got plenty of commitments for those 20 spots. It’s simply a matter of getting the information from some very busy people.

I look forward to sharing these incredible cocktails from these legendary locations!


As I’ve got a couple of people reviewing my novel (Pa’u Hana) and biography (Architect of Passion), I was in a bit of a holding pattern on those projects this week. With some down time, I went to work on a couple of other projects I had in various stages of completion.

First of all, I completed and published the second book in my Coffeehousehouse Jazz series. From the highest look, these books are simply lists of great jazz songs. The goal is to help build the ultimate jazz playlist. This little gem has something for everyone. For the biggest jazz fans, it’s a chance to compare and contrast the songs on my list versus yours. Perhaps I’ve uncovered something you never heard of before. For the minor fan, you might recognize the song but didn’t know the artist.For those who don’t like jazz, give these songs a chance, you may convert! The books in the Coffeehouse Jazz series are only 99 cents which is less than the price of downloading a single song so check them out today!

My second project I spent some time on this week was a sequel to my book Bourbon Mixology. This time I’m featuring bourbon cocktails from 101 iconic bars. I’m having great luck getting some of the coolest bars in the United States, and around the globe, sharing their signature bourbon cocktails with me. Can’t wait to get this one out there!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there!


Writing is easy when you are focusing on your passion. I’m a bourbon fan, so my two latest books have to be my best works… EVER!

Small Brand America V: Special Bourbon Edition (also available in a Kindle edition) features 20 craft distillers bold enough to take on the biggest and most recognized names in the distilled spirits industry. These companies are just surviving, they are thriving.


Well, their commitment to quality and a great product means they are beating the big boys at their own game. I relish the ability to tell the stories of these companies, their product, and most importantly, the people behind the brands.

My second book, Bourbon Mixology, (also available in a Kindle edition) features bourbon cocktail recipes from the companies featured in Small Brand America V. What I love about this book is the fact cocktails often are designed to mask the flavor of the distilled spirits. Since these recipes were created by the bourbon distillers, they are designed to showcase the whiskey, not hide it. If you like bourbon, you have to check out this book to get some delicious and fun recipes!

Knowing your best work comes out when you write about what you love, unless my next book happens to be on Kate Upton, I’m thinking this is my Abbey Road!


Yesterday I published two books. Small Brand America V: Special Bourbon Edition which tells the stories of 20 Craft Distillers competing against the giants of the industry and Bourbon Mixology a bourbon cocktail book with recipes from the companies featured in SBA V.

Yesterday was also a big day for me for another reason: I began work on my first novel. It’s actually kinda terrifying. Writing a novel represents a dream come true for me. The ultimate bucket list item I could have as a writer. I’ve prepared fully for this moment to begin. I’ve outlined the entire story. I’ve spent hours researching key facts to pull into the story. I’ve conducted interviews with people who can help me understand the locals of the area where the story takes place. I’ve worked through the details in my mind countless times.

Now it’s just a matter of putting the words on a page, right?

It’s so much more than that!

I figure I’m only getting one shot to really do this right. I’m guessing if I put a novel out there that stinks I’m not getting anyone to give novel II a chance. The best analogy I can think of is a sporting one. It’s kind of like the Olympics. It’s the biggest stage an athlete can imagine and they likely are going to get one shot at going for the gold.

Every detail I write becomes the life of the characters in the book. It all has to come together into a story which is interesting and has highs and lows for the reader.

Am I going to meet my own high expectations?

Actually, I’ll probably never know until I get my book in your hands. Ultimately, it’s the audience, not the author who determines whether or not a novel is a winner. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Look for my “Olympic offering” later this year!


I’ve been blogging here about my new book coming out soon titled, Small Brand America V: Special Bourbon Edition. In fact, this coming week is the last round of interviews and I should have writing wrapped up shortly thereafter. The final product is going to be a fantastic look at craft distilleries making their own bourbon and their struggles in getting established in an industry dominated by titans.

One of the ways these small companies stand out is by connecting with their customers. One of the ways they do this is by adding value to their product by creating cocktail recipes with their bourbon. I’m gathering cocktail recipes from them and will be publishing a second book called Bourbon Mixology, which will share their cocktail recipes.

I plan on releasing the two books at the same time. I’m thinking the ultimate would be to have someone reading Small Brand America V while sipping on a cocktail they just read about in Bourbon Mixology!


Currently, I’m wrapped up in writing my latest Small Brand America book. This fifth edition from the series is focusing solely on craft bourbon distilleries. It’s really coming together nicely and I can’t wait for it to be printed. Also, because I can never work without challenging myself, I’ve also taken on  a companion piece. A cocktail book featuring all bourbon cocktails from the companies featured. I just came up with the idea this week, but I think it’s a pretty awesome one. I’m in the process of reaching out to all 20 companies featured in the book to see if they are interested in participating in this second book.

Look for both of these books in March or April depending on how quickly I can get them turned around.

Out in the horizon is really a pet project for me. A personal “bucket list” of writing. Creating my first novel… or perhaps novella. The actual distinction between the two is a little murky. I know that every fiction piece I’ve created thus far has either been a children’s book (pretty clearly defined) or a short story (also pretty easy to figure out based on the length of the pieces).

For sanity purposes I’m going to land on 15,000 – 30,000 words as a novella. Shorter than that is a short story. Longer is a novel.

Having never written anything beyond a short story, I don’t know where the buddy tale I’m working on is going to fall. I haven’t yet written a single word of it. I’ve been researching some of the information I need for the story (it has a backdrop of Kauai so I want actual restaurants/beaches/etc. to be in the book). I’ve even put together a detailed outline (number 11 pages currently) of the story. In my head I would say I’ve got the whole story down and I’m incredibly pleased with like 7/8 of it. That number might not seem bad, but I won’t settle for a story I’m 7/8 pleased with. I need to keep working through it in my mind until I am completely satisfied with my work or I won’t release it.

Once the bourbon books are done, my focus is going to turn to this book and I’m not planning on working on any writing other than a couple of books for my Coffeehouse Jazz series. Those are fun and shouldn’t be a distraction from what I’m trying to accomplish with my novel… or novella. I won’t actually have a clue which it ultimately is until I’m done writing, I guess.

I suppose that’s part of the fun here. Just start writing and see what happens. I’ve got the infrastructure of a story in my outline, but it will all come together when I start putting the words on the page.

I can’t wait!