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Right now I am consumed with bourbon. Thinking about bourbon. Writing about bourbon. Yes, even drinking some bourbon.

Hey, it’s not a bad gig!

I have three chapters written of my upcoming Small Brand America book focusing on craft bourbon distilleries. I am talking to some really cool people. I have to say the stories of these individuals, their companies and their brands has proven to be fascinating thus far. The owners of these companies are passionate, adventurous, risk-taking and each has a unique take on creating the most unique bourbon possible.

Bourbon has gotten so popular the big companies in Kentucky, the epicenter of the bourbon world, have to cut corners to maintain profitability. That means there is room in the market for small brands looking to make their mark by delivering a superior product to their customers. I look forward to telling the stories of these companies and I hope you look forward to reading the stories from these companies.

Small Brand America V: Special Bourbon Edition… look for it in the spring of 2015!