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While I didn’t have a monster week like I did last week in working on my two projects, I think it was still pretty impressive. My novel jumped from 160 pages to 198. The story is coming together really nicely. It’s all in my head, I just need the time to get it on paper.

My other project is a biography I am doing on a businessman from Kaua’i. I’ve now completed everything on that book up to our last interview. I’m scheduled to talk to him next on Saturday. Once I speak to him I I will be back to writing some more on that project.

I also met a guy who very well may be the feature of another book… and another challenge. The guy is a young homebrewer who is pursuing a dream to open his own craft brewery. If we can work out the details, I’m planning on following his journey and writing about it. This is something totally new for me as he’s still about two years out from getting his business going. It should be an interesting project and make for a really cool book. I hope this one comes through. I am scheduled to talk to him later this week as well.

It’s all exciting stuff. It always is!