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A coworker was telling me about the encouragement she gives to her two-year-old to express himself verbally. Rather than just pointing at something he wants, or grabbing it, she’s continually telling him to “use your words.”

I don’t know exactly why, but I like it.

In unrelated, yet equally as exciting news, I “used my words” this week and completed the second book I have planned to release late next month. Bourbon Mixology is my cocktail book featuring recipes from the craft bourbon distillers featured in the other book I will be releasing next month: Small Brand America V: Special Bourbon Edition.

I cannot begin to express the personal enthusiasm and excitement I have about these two offerings. I simply couldn’t have any more interest in the topic than I do about bourbon. Over the last 10 years I’ve become a true bourbon fan  seeking out new brands to try, visiting Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail numerous times and I trying to visit every distillery I can in my travels.

I think this love for the topic comes through for the reader in pages of the book. Can’t wait for you to check it ou!



I’ve been blogging here about my new book coming out soon titled, Small Brand America V: Special Bourbon Edition. In fact, this coming week is the last round of interviews and I should have writing wrapped up shortly thereafter. The final product is going to be a fantastic look at craft distilleries making their own bourbon and their struggles in getting established in an industry dominated by titans.

One of the ways these small companies stand out is by connecting with their customers. One of the ways they do this is by adding value to their product by creating cocktail recipes with their bourbon. I’m gathering cocktail recipes from them and will be publishing a second book called Bourbon Mixology, which will share their cocktail recipes.

I plan on releasing the two books at the same time. I’m thinking the ultimate would be to have someone reading Small Brand America V while sipping on a cocktail they just read about in Bourbon Mixology!