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I’m preparing to face something completely different in my writing career very soon, and it’s more than a little daunting…

One of the projects I’ve been writing about on this blog is entitled, Architect of Passion. It’s a biography of Kaua’i businessman Greg Schredder. The first draft of the book is complete and I’m in the process of going through the first round of editing.

Once the first round is complete, I’m going to send a copy to Greg for him to review.


Think about it. I’m going to send a book to a person about that person’s life. I mean it’s his life! He’s been involved in it for well… his entire life!

I, on the other hand, have only known Greg Schredder through a series of phone interviews over the last few months. How can I possibly encapsulate everything he’s done and accomplished over the course of his personal and professional life in 100 pages?

Well, from my perspective, the work is solid and we’ve collaborated to make a great book. It flows. It tells a story and relies on the facts. It hits the highlights and really provides great insight on what makes Greg Schredder.

Still, there is this deep-seeded fear of “What if he doesn’t like it?”

I mean I know we can fix anything in terms of writing, but really all I want him to be is proud of the work. I want to introduce people to Greg Schredder and, yes, I want to sell books, but those goals really pale to the biggest questions hanging out there…

Will he like it?

I guess I’ll know the answer to that one pretty soon!



After more than a week of slacking, I’m back to writing. (Note: “Slacking” is probably a little overstated… my daughter just graduated high school and we’ve been busy getting ready for the big event, we had out of town guests staying at our house, a party with about a 100 people and then we took a family trip to the Wisconsin Dells so I’ve been pretty far detached from writing recently).

Anyway, the first drafts of the two projects I’ve been working on are now complete. It begs the simple question: now what?

For my novel, Pa’u Hana, I’ve got some rewrites to do. It’s based in Kaua’i and I’ve let a few friends who live there take a look at the first draft. They’ve given me some insight on making it a little more authentic. I need to incorporate their changes into the project.

Once I get those rewrites done it’s more editing and then a proof copy. We are moving forward and I’m pleased with the progress.

I’ve also completed Architect of Passion, a biography on businessman Greg Schredder. I’ve been in contact with Greg to let him know it is done. He’s working on photos for the book for me. I’m busy doing some of my own editing before I get him a review copy.

When you get to this point, you really just want to get your work out there. Unfortunately, editing is every bit as important as writing so I need to stay the course and go through the process.

Can’t wait to get these two gems into your hands, though.