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I started this blog to allow individuals to keep up on what’s going on with my writing. Well, right now there is a lot to keep up with. Let me explain…

I have to books getting edited right now. My books Coffeehouse Jazz (a reference list to develop the ultimate playlist of instrumental jazz songs) and Bigfoot vs. Paul Bunyan (a short story). Both of those will be available later in October.

I also did something I had overlooked for quite a while. I published Leo the Coffee Drinking Cat Moves to Hawaii on Kindle. That particular offering hadn’t been available electronically so I’m pleased to have it out there now.

My next project is a third offering in my Leo series. I’ve got a great idea for my buddy Leo. In fact, I had outlined the entire story but have seemingly lost my notes. I guess I’m starting over. That’s kind of a bummer but I guess those things happen. My goal is to have Leo’s next adventure out in late November or early December.

My third Leo book should finish off my published books in 2014. I will be starting on my next Small Brand America book in the fourth quarter for release in the first or second quarter 2015. I’ve been toying with different types of companies to focus on with this latest edition. Ultimately, my decision came from the notion I’m going to focus my writing on simply what I like to write about. With that in mind, I’m pleased to announce, right here and right now, the sixth edition of Small Brand America is going to focus on bourbon! I can’t imagine anything more interesting to write about than small distilleries competing side-by-side on retailers shelves against the large megabrands in the whiskey category of the distilled spirits industry.

I’m planning on releasing my second jazz book in the first quarter of 2015 as well so this hectic pace isn’t slowing down for a while.

To be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way!



With the research and writing complete on my book Coffeehouse Jazz, I have already started looking ahead to adding more to the mix. Mind you, It’s not published… heck, it’s not even edited just yet.

Still, this list of 101 of the greatest instrumental jazz songs has seemingly only scratched the surface on the topic. With that in mind, I’m looking at my writing schedule and thinking I can have the second (Second Cup: More Coffeehouse Jazz) and third editions (Coffee to Go: Still More Coffeehouse Jazz) out in 2015.

A trilogy seems perfect and should close out the topic nicely. Look forward to the sequels in 2015, but first up with be the original which should be out in late October/early November.

I also just wrote about my forthcoming short story Bigfoot vs. Paul Bunyan. Last week, I wrote I had about a weekend’s worth of work on it to complete it and hoped to have it done by today. I think my assessment of timing was about right ,but I had a pretty busy weekend. I dedicated about 1/2 a weekend to it so I’m pretty close. I’m thinking next weekend is when I will get it done. This should result in this piece being published about the same time Coffeehouse Jazz is. out there

Exciting stuff!

Then again I’ve found everything associated with my writing is pretty exciting!


Just completed my latest book: Coffeehouse Jazz (Create the Ultimate Playlist with These 101 Instrumental Classics).  It now needs to be edited and a cover designed but it should be out in late October.

This book takes you through the process of creating the greatest jazz playlist ever through the research I did on finding the perfect songs. Jazz just seems to be a genre where most people know the songs by melody but not necessarily the song titles and artists. It’s such a cool form of music though since it can be enjoyed equally as much as the focus of attention or just leaving it in the background while you talk with friends. I think I provide the respect and justice this overlooked segment of music desperately needs!

My next project is going to be to publish my second Leo book for Kindle. Somehow I never managed to get together an electronic version of that offering. I should have that one out there in the next week or so.

After that I’ll be working on my short story… Bigfoot vs. Paul Bunyan. I have to admit it makes me smile every time I type or say that. I’m probably a weekends worth of work to do on that short story. Looking forward to bringing this tale to the world.

Hopefully I will get the time I need next weekend!