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Pa’u Hana (Pow-Ha-Nah)/Noun

A uniquely Hawaiian phrase. Translated directly, it literally means “after work.” Typically, it is utilized to denote the time after work has been completed when an individual can relax and have fun with friends.

Pa’u Hana is the name of my brand new novel I just completed this week. I’ve been working on the story, in my head, for about two years. About six months ago I began taking my thoughts and developing an outline and researching some of the key facts to provide the necessary background to the story as well as add some key details which enhance it.

The actual writing only took six weeks. Of course, this is simply the first draft. I’m going to continue to edit, rewrite and refine it for a quite a while. The bones are there, though. The story of two friends who hatch an idea for an incredible adventure while drinking a few beers “Pa’u Hana” really came together nicely.

I don’t have a group of writer friends I hang out with so I don’t know how it’s supposed to work, but for me, sketching out the details of the story on paper helped. There were always a few small things where I would wonder how it’s going to work out in the book, but I would simply start writing and these things would come together live as I wrote them. Other ideas would pop into my head so, for me at least, planning is important, but there is no substitute for simply sitting down and starting to write.

Just let the story take over.

I’ve had so many great things happen to me since I started writing. Each seems to be my own little adventure but I’m not sure any compare to getting this story out there. Writing a novel is simply what writers do. I’m pleased to have my first one big step closer to getting published!

Look for Pa’u Hana out this summer!



I’ve been blogging here about my new book coming out soon titled, Small Brand America V: Special Bourbon Edition. In fact, this coming week is the last round of interviews and I should have writing wrapped up shortly thereafter. The final product is going to be a fantastic look at craft distilleries making their own bourbon and their struggles in getting established in an industry dominated by titans.

One of the ways these small companies stand out is by connecting with their customers. One of the ways they do this is by adding value to their product by creating cocktail recipes with their bourbon. I’m gathering cocktail recipes from them and will be publishing a second book called Bourbon Mixology, which will share their cocktail recipes.

I plan on releasing the two books at the same time. I’m thinking the ultimate would be to have someone reading Small Brand America V while sipping on a cocktail they just read about in Bourbon Mixology!