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Author’s Note: No spoilers here!

Normally my blog is dedicated to an update of what’s going on with my writing. Occasionally, I like to mix it up with a movie review. Last night I went to the “Road Show,” a limited release of Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful Eight so I thought it would be a great time to check-in with a review.

The Hateful Eight follows the journey of a bounty hunter (Kurt Russell) taking a prisoner (Jennifer Jason Leigh) to collect a $10,000 bounty and ensure she meets her date with the hangman. A blizzard wreaks havoc upon Russell and others in the area causing all of them to end up at a business called Minnie’s Haberdashery where they will be holed up until the storm is over.

For the Tarantino fan, it’s all here. The character/dialogue driven plot. The gratuitous, to the point of being cartoonish, violence. Once again, Tarantino coaxes out the best in the actors he casts. No one’s getting carried by the other cast members. Literally everyone in the cast is delivering a performance which you could say is the best of his or her career.

For his part, Tarantino delivers a gem. This movie has an event feel. It opens with an overture. There is an intermission that clocks in at the 1:40 mark which seemed like it was at the 20 minute mark the story was so engulfing. The cinematography of the outdoor shots filmed in 70mm is art on film.

Above-and-beyond the event feel, which truly appeals to the true cinema fan, is the fact you totally get immersed in the story. Tarantino deliver palpable tension throughout the story. He literally could have called it the Hateful Nine as the audience is so pulled into the story you become part of it.

I’m not kidding when I say the audience was engaged in this film. There was clapping, laughing, whooping, gasps, sighs of relief. This is definitely one you have to see in the theater. Watching it at home on DVD means you miss out on a lot of what this one has to offer.

Still, despite the fact I would give this film the highest rating possible, if you aren’t a Tarantino fan, it’s safe to say you won’t like this one. While it’s totally different than anything else he has done, it has the unique feel of being a QT film so f you aren’t a fan, the Hateful Eight isn’t going to convert you. If you are a fan, it’s just Quentin Tarantino doing what Quentin Tarantino does.

The legend grows!

Hateful Eight Book.jpg

The booklet distributed at the Road Show viewings