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Last week, Howard Stern interviewed Larry David. I’m way past the age of having heroes, or role models, but I have to say Larry David is about as close as it comes, though.

Sure, Larry David is a comedic genius. The way he sees the mundane, pulls out these little nuggets and makes YOU realize how funny it actually is… well, that’s simply brilliant! He’s also a master of improv. His shows are lightly scripted with the entire crew just kind of rolling with the dialogue as they go. Then there’s the whole Seinfeld thing. Jerry was the guy in front of the camera, but the real driver of the show was Larry for the reasons already discussed here.

Those things are great and by themselves would garner accolades. Why I think so much of Larry is the fact he’s not a sellout… no matter what the impact it has on him personally was. Getting signed to do a network TV show. That’s the end game for most. Basically it’s like when you make it that far, you’ve won.

Once the show has enough episodes to go into syndication the power shifts to the creators and the stars of the show. The network needs them to keep it going and the gravy train coming in. Prior to that, though, the networks typically hold all of the cards. They have the ability to cancel a show at any time, immediately ending any chance to win the syndication jackpot for the cast and crew.

Larry David didn’t follow this protocol, though. While anyone else falls into line when a network bosses them around, Larry would push back… way back. He was always willing to walk away unless the networked caved and did what he wanted, make that NEEDED, to do to make his show funny. The artistic freedom and expression was more important to him than the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if he just fell in line with the suits at NBC.

With Jerry running interference with the management at NBC he and Larry pushed their way to the greatest sitcom of all-time.

In my own writing career, I’ve tried to follow Larry’s lead. Be true to yourself. Understand your audience and deliver the product you know better than anyone they want.

Larry David might seem like a weird guy to look up to. His career might not be “celebrity” enough to most. Perhaps you don’t get his humor. Maybe you think he’s a little crass. He might even be a little unstable.

The guy knows how to deliver pure entertainment, though. No matter what anyone else thinks or tries to do about it!



I love Hawaii. It’s beautiful. It’s fun. The weather is nice. The people are great. The food is awesome. There’s so much to do. You literally could go on and on.

I have visions of retiring to my favorite vacation destination. I even have a favorite website where I often search for homes and condos (check it out here).

Despite my absolute love for our 50th state, I realize I’m not alone. Probably 90% of the people who travel to Hawaii feel the same way.

I’ve got something they don’t though…

A crazy thing has happened to me with my writing and I have to be honest, it’s completely awesome. Though I can’t compare myself to him, I do have a story involving Jerry Seinfeld I can relate to. He often talks about my hometown of St. Louis. It started early in his run of TV show Seinfeld and he speaks to it each and every time he visits.

When Seinfeld just started, the show was struggling to find an audience. He notes the only place it was doing well was St. Louis. Each morning after the show aired everyone on the show would race to see the Neilson ratings for St. Louis. Despite the fact no one else seemed to be getting what they were doing, getting some decent numbers in St. Louis meant the world to him and the cast.

During the course of my brief time writing, I’ve done two books and a short story involving Hawaii: Leo the Coffee Drinking Cat Moves to Hawaii, Small Brand America III – Special Hawaii Edition and the short story A Killer in Kilauea

It’s been amazing how these books have helped me build a great base of readers there. I’ve even gotten some really great articles in a newspaper in Kauai. Check these out: Article #1 & Article #2.

Like Seinfeld and crew, I love to get my weekly sales reports. It’s amazing to see that I sell more books in Hawaii than anywhere else. Even more than my hometown of St. Louis. Almost everybody I know and work with lives here, yet I’m solidly selling more books in Hawaii. Let’s not forget St. Louis alone has almost twice as many people as the entire state of Hawaii. It’s amazing and humbling to me.

No better case can be made about the popularity of my work in Hawaii than the fact I’ve written six short stories (A Killler in Kilauea, The Bacon Killer, The Donut Shop Killer, The Legend of Bear Island, The Lincoln Stalker, and The Vampire of Cliff Cave) and The Killer in Kilauea has sold more than the other five combined!

It really doesn’t matter what happens with my writing career moving forward. If I’m a great success or I simply continue to plug along getting one reader at a time, my love for Hawaii is set. The readers of Hawaii have appreciated my work more so than anyone else and I love the state even more than ever.

The cool thing is, apparently Hawaii loves me back!


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