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Here are the craft bourbon distilleries to be featured in my upcoming book. Check ’em out:

2bar Spirits (2barspirits.com) * 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Company (10thwhiskey.com) * Barrel House Distilling Co. (barrelhousedistillery.com) * Black Dirt Distillery (blackdirtdistillery.com) * Cedar Ridge Vineyards and Distillery (crwine.com) * Colorado Gold Distillery (coloradogolddistillers.com) * Coulter & Payne Farm Distillery (coulterandpaynefarmdistillery.com) * Dark Corner Distillery (darkcornerdistillery.com) * Grand Traverse Distillery (grandtraversedistillery.com) * Heritage Distilling Co. (heritagedistilling.com) * Journeyman Distillery (journeymandistillery.com) * Mississippi River Distilling Company (mrdistilling.com) * New Holland Artisan Spirits (newhollandbrew.com) * Oregon Spirit Distillers (oregonspiritdistillers.com) * Ozark Distillery (ozarkdistillery.com) * Peach Street Distillers (peachstreetdistillers.com) * Silver Back Distillery (sbdistillery.com) * Syntax Spirits (syntaxspirits.com) * Thumb Butte Distillery (thumbbuttedistillery.com) * Woodstone Creek Artisan Winery & Distillery (woodstonecreek.com)

Read all about the brands and the people behind them in Small Brand America V: Special Bourbon Edition. Look for it in late March!



Right now, I am all in when it comes to the special edition of my Small Brand America series featuring craft bourbon distillers. Currently, I have already interviewed individuals from 12 companies. These interviews will translate to 12 chapters in the book. I am in various stages of writing, editing, adding photos and working with the companies involved to make sure I am representing their company accurately in the book.

Here’s a look at the impressive lineup I have already assembled:

10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Co. 10thwhiskey.com

Colorado Gold Distillery coloradogolddistillers.com

Don Quixote Distillery dqdistillery.com

Heritage Distilling heritagedistilling.com

Journeyman Distillery journeymandistillery.com

Mississippi River Distilling mrdistilling.com

New Holland Artisan Spirits newhollandbrew.com

Ozark Distilleryozarkdistillery.com

Peach Tree Distillers peachtreedistillers.com

Silverback Distillery sbdistillery.com

Syntax Spirits syntaxspirits.com

 I have 8 more interviews lined up after the first of the year. Look for Small Brand America: Special Bourbon Edition to be available somewhere around March 1!

Woodstone Creek woodstonecreek.com