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Bourbon Mixology Ranked #5

Bourbon Mixology – A top five ranked book when searching for bourbon under books on Amazon (top 10 on the overall site with a bourbon search)

This holiday season has been great for me. In fact, I’ve picked up a new title… “Best Selling Author.”

That’s right, after almost three years of writing and publishing, I’ve got a real winner on my hands with my book: Bourbon Mixology: 50 Bourbon Cocktails from 50 Iconic Bars.

As an author, your books are like your children: you love all of them equally. I don’t write something thinking this one will be just okay, but the next one is going to be the big hit. Ultimately, it’s not the author who decides what’s a hit, it’s you, the reader.

This book must have been the perfect storm:

  • It covers a hot topic with bourbon.
  • It incorporates cool locations with the 50 bars.
  • It has the signature bourbon cocktail from these iconic bars.
  • It’s a great price point at under $10.

I think all of these things came together to make it the perfect holiday gift giving item for the whiskey fan.

Being an author is awesome. You get to create books which start as ideas in your head.

I have to say, though, being a bestselling author who creates books which came from ideas in your head is even better!



While I didn’t plan it this way, I’ve got three projects finishing up at the same time. I set out with the idea of 2015 being the year of my first novel. I’ve completed it which was a pretty amazing accomplishment in itself. It’s been getting edited and now I’m submitting my ideas for a cover design to my graphic artist this week. I will have an editing copy of it within a few weeks.

Way cool.

After a dialogue with a successful businessman (he had read one of my books), and true character, Greg Schredder, I pitched him on the idea of having me write a biography about him. That project is complete as well. Currently, Greg is reading through the rough draft, gathering photos and some quotes for the back cover.

Pretty awesome!

With things like editing, waiting for pictures to get gathered and cover designs going on, I’ve had some down time in my writing. With that time I’ve started working on the next edition of my Bourbon Mixology series. The focus of this book is going to be 50 iconic bars provide their signature bourbon cocktail recipes. It’s a combination of cocktail book, travel guide to some of the coolest bars in America. I’m more than halfway done with this project.


It seems to be working out that I’ll have all three of these books getting published at the same time. I can’t wait to get these out there.

Be sure to pick up my “three pack” of books when they are available later this summer!