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If I was so organized as to maintain a bucketlist of what I wanted to accomplish with my writing career (trust me I am not that organized), publishing a magazine would be at the top of the list.

Magazines just seem so unconfined.

Take a magazine like Esquire for instance:

Question: What’s going to be the focus of the Esquire next month?

Answer: Who knows?

Seriously, there might be an article on the best cars to buy in 2016, followed by great gifts for guys, then it might be the best artisan coffee roasters sandwiched between a full-length feature on Colombian drug lords. Oh yeah, there might even be a hottest celebrity bikini bods photo layout in there too.

Magazines. That’s where it’s at!

The dream of running a magazine? Yeah, that’s probably not going to happen. In fact, there might not be a worse time to run a magazine than right now. The industry hasn’t yet figured out how to cater to consumer who use their phone as a 24-hour newsfeed. A paper publication delivered once a month by the United States Postal Service?

Seems a little outdated, right?

This seemingly unattainable goal might yet still have a chance, though. Recently, a new friend Elisa Cavassi…aka PicTakerGirl, aka ElisaQueens, aka the Diva of ECImagesNYC, gave me a little pep talk about social media. She told me my 27,000+ Twitter followers are my audience. They are my “suscribers” to the content I’m putting out there.

With Elisa’s direction, I got to thinking about my newsletter. How it’s pretty much a basic recap of what’s going on in my writing career, but it could be so much more. I could make it like a magazine with interesting content. If I can deliver on the “interesting” quotient, my “subscribers” are almost certainly going to be more interested in my writing.

Symbiotic, right?

With this in mind, I’m overhauling my newsletter, starting with my first edition in 2016 (scheduled for February 1, 2016). Yes, I will have an update on what’s happening with my writing, but I’m also going to have some interesting content like sampling new products, profiles of fellow artists, contests, etc. (If anyone knows Kate Upton, please tell her I’m interested in a photoshoot). Plus, Elisa’s willing to allow me to feature one of her photos in each issue. I’ve even got some sponsors lined up.

Pretty cool, eh?

Who needs a magazine? I’m the Editor of SAP News (SAP = Steve Akley Publishing)!

If you don’t want to miss out, please sign up for the newsletter by clicking here. By doing so now, you’ll even get to see the final edition of my current format to be delivered on December 1, which features none other than Elisa herself in an interview,¬†as well as some of her photos.


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