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I have spent the last 4 days in Kentucky, making the loop from Louisville, down to Loretto and over to Lexington. The area known as the Bourbon Trail. For a person who loves bourbon as much as I do, this is my Disney World. I’ve toured 11 distilleries while I’ve been here.

As much fun as it has been (I did get the cool t-shirt pictured above for visiting all of the distilleries on the Trail), I’ve also come to realize this is my business while I’ve been here. I am sure a couple of tour guides thought here is another disengaged guy going through the motions in life as I had my iPhone out typing away while they were talking during a tour. I wasn’t texting, or playing Pokemon Go, I was taking notes. What I was taking in while I was there is going to help tremendously with Bourbon Zeppelin and two bourbon-themed books I am working on.

I’m in my Louisville hotel now, preparing to head home, but I’m already planning my next trip. There is more I want to see, do and learn. Some of that education will come from going back to some of the places I went to over the past several days. Still more will come from new places I visit. With a multiple bourbon books in the works, a bourbon eMagazine and a bourbon podcast, I will probably want to set up some interviews with key individuals the next time I come as well.

Yep, the Bourbon Trail is going to be my new “home away from home.” That sounds pretty good to me…

After all, bourbon is my business!


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