What’s Next?

With my book, Life with the Akester complete (though it is still be edited), the logical question is “so, what’s next?”

 Truthfully, my answer is “I don’t know!”

 That’s actually not 100% true. I “kinda” know what’s next. At least I have some possibilities. Let me explain the creative process that seems to be working for me.

 At any given time, I have multiple books started. When I come up with a new idea, I catalog it. At some point, as the ideas begin to form about the concept, I actually start it as a book. Right now, for instance, I have five books in various stages of being written.

 While I don’t talk about the books until they are published, here’s a general overview, without sharing too much of each of the five:

 The Follow-Up – I have a new twist of my successful first book The 101 Best Christmas Songs. This fresh approach will build on the success of the first book.

 The Research Project – I have a pretty significant research project, I have undertaken, I’m about 25% complete with it now. When completed, this will make for a very useful and I am thinking will have a lot of commercial appeal.

 The Comedy Piece – I have a really funny concept I’m putting together. I really like what I’ve put together thus far.

 The Partnership – My daughter Cat and I are working on a book together. This is a fun little project and I enjoy working with her.

 The Movie Script – I don’t think I could actually write a script that actually gets made in to a movie, but I often say, I refuse to see a movie where I could write a better movie than they are releasing. I think I’ve got a pretty funny idea… I want to challenge myself to write it and publish it as a book.

 The way it is looking, the “comedy piece” seems to be coming together the quickest and is likely my next book. The wildcard is something I am calling my “dream project.” I have an awesome idea for a book. It involves partnering with an organization I have a tremendous amount of respect for. I’ve got plenty of ideas to make it work, I don’t control whether or not they participate though. I am going to make a pitch to them soon. If it works, that probably jumps to the front of the work order.

 So basically, I told you a lot here, without telling you anything. I guess you will have to keep checking the blog and my website to see what’s next.

 In the mean time, be sure to pick up Life with the Akester when it is published.


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